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Visit us at the USF Career Fair

Posted on:
January 27, 2015
THajarie will be attending the USF Career Fair on Wednesday January 28th and Thursday January 29th.

If you are in the area and looking for a job please stop by!

Available Positions:

Drupal Web Developer

  • Manage, maintain and enhance the company’s website
  • Comprehend, develop, and modify web designs & scripts
  • Must be a self-learner and be able to convert management’s vision
  • Must have experience in PHP, Drupal 7, Linux, Database Programming and web development
  • Experience with Photoshop, JavaScript, PHP and other database software
  • Candidate will work part time 10-20 hours per week and may become full-time as the company grows
  • Visa candidates are welcome.

Sales and Marketing Specialist

  • Work directly with physician recruiters, hiring managers and HR staff nationwide
  • Build and establish a trusting relationship with hundreds of in-house physician recruiters
  • Represent at various nationwide conferences
  • Make marketing calls daily to various hospitals, private practices and healthcare facilities
  • Plan and execute recruiting process using multiple candidate sourcing strategies
  • Build and lead a sales team to become the leader in the healthcare industry
  • Ability to travel to various conferences nationwide
  • Candidate should have a strong written, verbal and presentation skills
  • Candidate must be motivated and with excellent interpersonal skills
  • BA/BS degree preferred
  • At least 2 years of sales experience is preferred


Health Care Data Mining Analyst

  • Develop, collect, and analyze metrics and data to formulate fact-based decisions and proactively implement process improvements
  • Manipulate data to provide meaningful insights
  • Organize extracted data into meaningful information using a variety of tools (e.g., SQL, SAP, Excel, Tableau)
  • Familiarity with CMS data preferred


Freelance Writers

  • is looking for top-notch Freelance writer to join our talented friendly staff. The ideal candidates are committed to creating exciting healthcare content to help shape’s unique voice.
  • Set your own schedule and work from home
  • Letter of recommendations for Medical, Law, or Business school
  • Internship & paid positions available

Job Description & Requirements

  • Write content specific to healthcare leadership, business, and law
  • Develop and edit content for
  • Research and interview expert sources to write daily articles to publish on our web platform
  • Write and produce advertising copies for print and media campaigns
  • Experience working in an online environment will be valued
  • Write and produce advertising copies for print and media campaigns
  • Strong and adaptable writing skills with the ability to write professionally and creatively


Please Call (517) 999-4605 with any question or e-mail resume to

For more info on the career fair please USF Career Services

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You can only make one first impression – Here are a few tips on the do’s and don’ts of body language for your next interview!

Posted on:
January 23, 2015
Danielle Smith

When preparing for an interview you memorize your resume, research the history of the company, think of a few questions to ask, and pick out your best outfit days in advance.

There’s one thing you may have forgotten, how you will conduct yourself using body language. Being aware of what would usually be unconscious gestures and movements are as important as your answers   to the questions themselves.

Delivery of response is just as imperative to what you are actually saying, for example you have two possible Physician candidates both equally qualified; one clearly exudes confidence while the other appears shy and timid. It is most likely that the candidate with confidence will be selected. Confidence, especially when on an interview shows the perspective employer competence and makes them believe in your abilities.

Here are a few things to keep in mind – for your next interview, or any first encounter:

The Handshake: When you meet a hiring manager, you want to show them you’re professional and confident. Luckily, you can send this message right away by having a firm handshake. For decades recruiters and professionals have advised job seekers to have a confident handshake, and this advice is just as applicable today as it was then. If you’re worried you have a weak handshake, ask to practice with a friend.

Posture: Bad posture is not only bad for your back, but it can also cost you a great job. Leaning back in a chair or slumping forward can portray laziness and disinterest. You want to sit in a neutral position. Keep your back straight and leave your hands at your sides or neatly folded in your lap. Don’t cross your arms or put your hands in your pockets. These motions can come across as defensive.

Nervous Habits: Most people are understandably anxious at interviews, but you need to be mindful of your bad habits, such as scratching your nose, biting your nails or pushing your hair behind your ears. These habits tell interviewers you’re nervous, and can even distract them. If you aren’t sure if you fidget, ask your friends. They’ll have noticed or will pay attention to your personal habits.

Eye Contact: The right amount of eye contact can be tricky. If you look someone directly in the eyes too long, you can come across as aggressive. However, avoiding eye contact in an interview is a mistake. Managers want you to maintain eye contact with them – it shows them you’re confident. If you need to know when to take a rest, break eye contact when you’re taking a few seconds to think of a response. Then, when you respond to the interviewer, maintain eye contact again.

Positive body language can be the bridge between you and your ideal job!

“First Impressions Count: Improve Your Job Interview Body Language.” ZipRecruiter. N.p., 28 Mar. 2014. Web. 19 Jan. 2015.


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Top 10 Healthcare Jobs of 2015!

Posted on:
January 22, 2015

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Happy Martin Luther King Jr Day!

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January 19, 2015

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Happy Friday from

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January 16, 2015

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